Open Web GUI

The Open Web GUI project addresses the problem of poor usability for Open Source software, specifically web site administrative interfaces. We will create web pages for common administrative tasks, using standards-based HTML/CSS, which can be incorporated directly into web applications.

Project Page

We are currently recruiting web designers and usability practitioners for our first project. We are also recruiting customers, i.e., F/LOSS projects which want to implement our GUI in their email blaster web application. Please email the list if interested.

The pilot project for Open Web GUI is the Email Blaster, an application which enables:

  1. Selecting a subset of email addresses from a database
  2. Creating an email template
  3. Sending the email to the recipient list
  4. Handling email bounces
This project originated at the F/LOSS Usability Sprint.


This project is milestone-driven. We reach a milestone when we have completed all of its criteria, not when we reach a date on the calendar.

Milestone 1: Initial Kickoff


Milestone 2: Prototype 1 Usability Test

Milestone 3: Prototype 2 Usability test

Milestone 4: Version 1.0 Released

Milestone 5: Version 1.0 in use at two different F/LOSS projects

Milestone 6+: repeat for other functionality Logo